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Shoot often in 2017!

1. Ever thought about getting involved to help run the Leyden Rifle Club? The LRC is looking for any LRC members to voluntarily 'step-up' to help conduct the Club's business. The current Club officers have sacrificed a lot of their time to keep the LRC going year-after-year but their actions won't last forever. If the LRC is to endure into its 90th, or even its 100th, year of existance, the LRC members need to come forward and help with the operation of the Club so to continue its existance into the foreseable future. Members seem always say, "I just want a place to shoot." Well, how about looking into the future and then say, "I want a place that my children will have a place to shoot."

If interested, please Email the Club -OR- attend our work parties or the Club's meetings to find out how you can help out running the LRC. All LRC members are welcome to help run the Club!

2. LRC's membership year starts January 1st through December 31st. If only renewing your LRC membership and there are no changes to either your home address, telephone number, Email address, etc., then mail-in your $35 annual dues (either cash or check accepted) soon to the LRC. If there are changes to any of your personal information, be sure to attach them in a note along with your $35 dues.

If you have already renewed your LRC membership for 2017, "We thank you!"

If becoming a new LRC member, please go to the Membership page. Print-out an LRC membership application form, fill-out the required information and mail the completed application form along with $35 (either cash or check accepted) to the address at the bottom of the membership application form.

Remember: Any monetary donations to the LRC will always be welcomed and will be used for various projects needed by the Club.

Many thanks goes to both renewing & any new members for supporting the LRC in 2017.



 → Just a thought for current LRC members:

How about by signing-up just 1 new member for 2017?


Another Club sign targeted by unwelcomed range visitors.

Just how STUPID can anyone be?

(Above photos courtesy of LRC member, Joe S.)

Do the above pictures upset you? Well, how about the other brainless individuals shooting either filled or empty cans and milk jugs, old TV's, signs or even the 'port-o-potty' at the rifle range? Worse yet is the fact that they leave the so-called riddled "targets" at the range afterwards. Offending persons(s) caught committing any non-sporting idiotic behavior at the ranges will be legally prosecuted by the LRC. If convicted, they will lose their right-to-carry firearms in Massachusetts!

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3. The LRC Officers for 2017 are:

    •    PRESIDENT:   Eric G.

    •     VICE PRESIDENT:   Joe S.


    •     SECRETARY:   Mary Lou B.

The attending members at Annual Meeting also became LRC Directors.

4. The Spring Work Bee was held on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th & 30th. Over the weekend, some 30 LRC members showed up to fix the high power targets, target frame holders, grease targets, range leaves at the ranges, install new posts for the 100 yard and handgun ranges and cleared trees and brush to create a new (single lane) 300 yard range. A good time was had by all -plus- many new friendships were made among the attending LRC members. Many thanks to all those LRC members who gave up their time at the Spring Work Bee. Lastly, Mary Lou B. made great lunches on both Saturday and Sunday for all the work bee helpers. "Thank you mary Lou!"

5. LRC Membership's Policy was established and defined at our Spring 2016 meeting. In the past, there was some vagueness regarding types of Club memberships and it became necessary to define and establish the various LRC's memberships offered by the Club.

Please go to the Membership page to read the current LRC Membership Policy (in .PDF file format).

6. Did you know the year, 2016, marked the 80th anniversary of the M1 rifle's adoption by the United States? On Saturday, October 22nd, the Springfield Armory National Historical Site (SANHS) in Springfield celebrated this historical event by sponsoring reknown military rifle historian, Mr. Bruce Canfield, to come to the campus of Springfield Technical Community College to speak about the M1 rifle's adoption. (Mr. Canfield traveled from his home in Louisiana to speak at the SANHS. He has authored many, many books on U.S. military firemans and he contributes regulary with featured articles and such in the NRA's "American Rifleman" monthly magazine.) Mr. Canfield spoke for two hours regarding M1's concepts and development by John Garand, its prototypes, the high volume production of both World War II and Korean War M1 rifles and about the M1C and M1D sniper M1 rifles.

M1 rifle facts:

Did you know that the first M1 rifles, serial numbers 1 through 80, which were designated educational rifles in 1936, actually cost the U.S. govenment $1,000 each? Also, did you know in that by 1942, the high volume cost for production of M1 Rifles at the Springfield Armory was $26 each and at Winchester Repeating Arms was $43 each? Bruce spoke about many interesting facts and stories of the M1 rifle history (too numerous to mention here).

Noted historian, Bruce Canfield, speaking at the SANHS.

(Photo courtesy of LRC member, Joe S.)

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7. Many shooters have heard the range command given, "LOCK AND LOAD!", during high power rifle matches but do you know where and how it originated? The NRA's "American Rifleman" magazine (September 2016) published an article about the command and it states,

The range command, "Lock and Load", was worked out for matches using the M1 Garand rifle before World War II. The "Lock" part of the command requires the shooter to pull back on the operating rod, which clears the chamber, opens the action and locks it in the open position. "Load" requires the inserting the clip and pressing it into the action with the right thumb from the line of the bolt as it snaps forward and closed to chamber the first round. The next command is "Commence Firing."

Now you know....

8. A Fall Work Bee was held on Saturday and Sunday, September 25th & 26th. On Saturday, about 8 LRC members gave up their time to show up to cut down several dead and aging trees at the outdoor rifle range. On Sunday, about 5 LRC members showed up to clean-up the immense amount of tree branches, leaves, pine needles, etc. Many thanks to those LRC members who gave up their time at the Fall Work Bee. Also, Mary Lou B. made great lunches, on both days, for the workers. "Thank you mary Lou!"

"Great job guys and thank you all!"

Below are a few pictures from the Fall 2016 Work Bee.


LRC Member, Nick A., cutting a fallen tree.

(Above photos courtesy of LRC member, Robert T.)

9. LRC's Sunday AM high power rifle matches are not just for competition rifle shooters; it also is for anyone who wants to have a "fun" time shooting and to be among friends. The LRC welcomes ALL members to come to our rifle range on Sundays to learn about high power shooting and improve their markmanship skills. (Think of them as "fun shoots".) The LRC is always looking for it members to come and participate in our high power rifle matches. Inexperienced about high power rifle matches? Don't worry; there will always be an attending LRC member who will gladly coach the new shooters during a rifle match. Don't have a rifle to shoot? The LRC has 'club' M1 Garands available for use by new shooters; also, ammunition is available for purchase for use during the matches. (Note: The ammunition is sold only at the matches at a reasonable price and is not for sale to purchase; it is to be used for the rifle matches only. Also, the .03-'06 spent cartridge cases and the M1 'en bloc' clips are property of the LRC after the matches.) If still feeling uneasy about high power rifle shooting, why not come to the LRC to watch a match and observe how the rifle matches are conducted? (See you there?)

The schedule for this year's High Power Rifle summer rifle matches is posted on the Schedules page.

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10. If you either a renewing or new member, you may have heard some stories about the Club's problems with the Town of Leyden officials, abutters and alike regarding the security agency that used our Club for training puposes in the late 1990's and early 2000's. The LRC gained nation-wide notariety when a not-so-favorable article about the situation was written in the March/April 2006 edition of the "Mother Jones" news magazine. Eventually, the Security Agency stopped using the LRC for training; the whole scenario eventually diffused into oblivion.

To read the "Mother Jones" article, click here   →     pdf file

If you find it hard to read the magazine version of the article, here's the same article from the Internet. Click here   →     pdf file

(Note the security agency has since left the LRC over 10 years ago. The LRC no longer allows or permits such training to take place, ever again, at the Club.)

11. The LRC can be contacted by Email. To email the Club, click on the Contact LRC page and then click on the Email the LRC link where you see:  •  Email.

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12. Are you an N.R.A. member? If not, why not? One would think that every law-abiding firearms enthusiast and gunowner in the United States of America would be a member of the N.R.A.; however, this is not the case. The LRC strongly recommends that all its members join the N.R.A. and continue their membership to the N.R.A., now and in the future.

13. Over the past years, there have been tragedies in Newtown, CT, San Bernadino, CA, Aurora, CO, South Carolina, Virginia, Orlando, FL, etc. Recently, we have been targeted by the Massachusetts' Attorney General regarding firearms defined by her as "assault weapons". The LRC strongly advises its members to resist all those who attempt to forfeit your gun rights as guaranteed by the 2nd amendment of the United States' Constitution and our God-given right to live as free men.

Remember the sayings, "United we stand, divided we fall". and

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." -Abraham Lincoln

→ Ensure each of you help preserve and fight for our 2nd Amendment rights!

14. The LRC is now "paperless" for our newsletters and notices because of U.S. postal mailing costs. The LRC will Email our Club newletters (in .pdf file format) and notices to only current LRC members.

→ Please make sure the LRC has your current Email address.

Don't have an Email address? No problem. For those LRC members who don't have Email, the Club will U.S. Mail you a hard copy of our newsletters and notices. Contact the Club by clicking on Contact link for LRC's mailing address and let us know that you do not have an Email address and you wish to formally request hard copies of our newsletters be U.S. mailed to you.

Be advised the LRC is transitioning away from U.S. mailing hard-copy newletters, regarding Club news and notices, to its members and posting the information our website or by sending the information via Email.

15. It's a known fact that in any organization,

"90% of the work is always done by 10% of the people."

We see this constantly over-and-over with the low member turn-out at the LRC's work parties and events. The LRC wants to remind all of its members that they are obliged, as part of your membership, to help at our work parties during the year. It's still true that "Many hands do make light work." and the LRC could ALWAYS use the extra help. At the next LRC work party, why not come to help out? You will be among friends who think the same way you do, have a good time and help out the Club.

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16. Prospective and new members often ask what activities are held at the LRC. Obviously, many members use the Club for target practice, for high power rifle matches, to sight-in their rifles, shotguns for hunting and handguns. The Club even does have the occassional archers who use the range for improving their archery skills with their compound bows. Lastly, some members do bring their clay pidgeon throwers and try their hand at shooting trap or sporting clays. We welcome all these activities that all sportsmen like to do. But our Club's President wants to remind its members that, first and foremost, the LRC was founded on being a rifle club and it always will be. The LRC will always remain dedicated to the rifle and what historcally the rifle has represented since the founding of the United States of America. Remember the name of our Club, since 1935, has always been the LEYDEN RIFLE CLUB, Inc. (with our emphasis on the word,....'RIFLE').

LRC's Annual Meeting

17. REMINDER: LRC's next Annual Meeting is on Sunday in October 22nd, 2017 @ 2:00 PM at our Club House. The meeting's date is listed on the Schedules page. The usual Club's business will be conducted and discussed as well as the election of the 2018 LRC's Officers will be held. Please plan of attending this important meeting; all LRC members are welcome!


18. PLEASE REMOVE ANY TRASH YOU BRING TO THE RANGES! This message has been repeated time-and-time again in LRC's past newsletters and on our website yet there seems to be members who still do not abide by it. Shot-up plastic milk containers, plastic soda bottles, aluminum cans, TV's, spent shotgun shot shells, 7.62x39 & .223 steel cartridge cases, "live" rounds, clay pigeons, etc. continue to litter the outdoor rifle & pistol ranges. The LRC Officers and Directors are getting tired of picking up shooters' trash and such.

REPEAT: The offending persons(s) will be prosecuted by the LRC and they will lose their right-to-carry firearms in Massachusetts!

The message to all LRC members is,

      "If you bring it to the range, take it back home with you."

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"My M1 speaks for me." (1942)

John Garand examining his M1 rifle. (Circa 1942-43)

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