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Leyden Rifle Club (LRC) Overview

Looking for a "a place to shoot" ? 

Choosing a sporting club these days is a big decision and it is hoped what is presented here will convince you to join the LRC. The Club has many members currently and is always looking for new members. The LRC was founded in 1935 and is located in Leyden, Massachusetts (near the Vermont border); the Club is less than a 45 minute drive from Springfield, MA. Directions to the LRC can be found by clicking here on the Directions link.

The LRC is open all-year-round (winter weather providing). The LRC offers both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

LRC's shooting facilities include:
  • a 20 yard indoor range → .22 LR caliber firearms only

  • a 40 yard outdoor range → handguns, shotguns

  • a 100 yard outdoor range → handguns, rifles, shotguns

  • a 200 yard outdoor range → rifles, shotguns, High Power rifle matches.

Throughout the summer, the LRC regulary conducts Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) high power rifle matches at our 200 yard range using military-type service rifles. For the schedule of LRC's events and matches this year, click here on Schedules link.

For current Club news, click here on News link.

It is hoped that you will become an LRC member; you will be welcomed and will be among friends and other sporting enthusiasts whose lifestyles agree with yours.

Enjoy our website.

The LRC strongly believes in, and supports, the United States' Constitution especially the 2 nd Amendment.

The LRC supports the National Rifle Association 100%.

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